Texas Bullion Depository® Schedule of Fees as of April 1, 2018

The Texas Bullion Depository has established the following Schedule of Fees, which are effective as of April 1, 2018. The Texas Bullion Depository is authorized by law to revise its fees at any time by publishing the applicable fees on our website and by providing a notice of any change in fees to account holders. Fee changes will be effective 30 days after the date of initial publication. The Depository reserves the right to waive any fee at its sole discretion.

Not all fees are applicable to every client, as some fees are optional based upon the services selected by the Depository Account Holder.

Storage fees accrue on a daily basis. The value of an account is determined based upon using the Official Exchange Rate as established by the Comptroller. The Official Exchange Rate is the spot precious metal price as of 3:00 pm U.S. Central Time. It is based upon the London OTC market ask pricing.

Storage fees are listed as annual rate. To calculate the applicable daily rate, the annual rate is divided by 365 days. To calculate the accrued daily storage fee, multiply the daily value of the account by the applicable daily rate.

Storage Fees listed as a percentage (%) are the annual rate. In order to determine a daily rate, the annual rate must be divided by 365 (three-hundred sixty-five). So, for example, an account valued at USD 100,000 would pay a daily storage rate of 0.0000137, or $1.37 (one dollar and thirty-seven cents) per day.

The Texas Bullion Depository shall invoice customers on no less than a quarterly basis. The quarterly storage fee bill is the sum of the accrued daily storage fees or $25.00, whichever is greater.

For certain accounts, negotiated pricing may be in effect based upon the total volume of ounces stored per metal type.  For example, accounts with more than $25 million in average value that include large volumes of silver may pay a rate that is higher due to the volume of the metal stored.  Negotiated pricing will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and shall be agreed upon in advance by the client and the Texas Bullion Depository.

Segregated Storage Fees for Gold, Platinum, and Palladium (Silver up to 50,000 ounces):

Account Balance From To Annual Rate
$0.01 $2,499,999.99 0.50%
$2,500,000.00 $4,999,999.99 0.45%
$5,000,000.00 $7,499,999.99 0.40%
$7,500,000.00 $9,999,999.99 0.35%
$10,000,000.00 $24,999,999.99 0.30%
$25,000,000.00 $49,999,999.99 0.25%
$50,000,000.00 $99,999,999.99 Negotiable
$100,000,000.00 $100,000,000.00+ Negotiable

Non-Storage related fees are for charges for services other than the actual storage and safekeeping of the Depository Account Holder precious metals. Non-storage fees are charged in addition to storage fees.

Non-Storage Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount Fee Details
Account Setup Fee $50.00 Per account
Withdrawal Fee $25.00 Per transaction
Customer Room Usage Fee $35.00 Per 1/2 hour
Postage / Transportation Fee (Domestic) for
Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium
$25.00 Up to 100 ounces per transaction,
plus 15 cents ($0.15) per ounce over 100 ounces
Postage / Transportation Fee (Domestic) for Silver $25.00 Up to 500 ounces per transaction,
plus 10 cents ($0.10) per ounce over 500 ounces
Personal Pick-Up Fee $25.00 Per transaction
Replacement Pallet Packaging Fee $50.00 Per pallet
Stop Payment Fee $30.00 Per transaction
Late Payment Fee $30.00 Per transaction
Insufficient Funds/Overdraft Fee $30.00 Per transaction
Refused Deposit Fee $25.00 Per transaction, plus applicable postage
90% and 40% Silver Coin Bag Counting Fee $25.00 Per bag

Description of Non-Storage Fees:

  • Account Set-up Fee: One-time, flat fee assessed at the time of application for the initial establishment of an account at the Texas Bullion Depository. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Withdrawal Fee: The fee charged for processing a request to withdraw some or all precious metals stored in a depository account.

  • Customer Room Usage Fee: The fee, per hour or partial hour, for scheduling a private room at the office of the Texas Bullion Depository for viewing of precious metals held in your account.

  • Postage / Transportation Fee (Domestic): The fees assessed, based on the type of metal, for the shipment of precious metals within the United States of America. This fee includes 100% insurance on the shipment to the Depository Account Holder. This fee will be charged in addition to a withdrawal fee.

  • Personal Pick-up Fee: The fee assessed for scheduling an appointment to pick-up a withdrawal at the Depository. This fee will be charge in addition to a withdrawal fee.

  • Replacement Pallet Packaging Fee: The fee assessed, per pallet, for all shipments requiring palletization.

  • Stop Payment Fee: The fee charged in the event a stop-payment instruction must be issued or is received related to a Depository Account Holder’s account.

  • Late Payment Fee: The fee charged if a quarterly invoice is not paid when due.

  • Insufficient Funds/Overdraft Fee: The fee assessed to a Depository Account Holder if the bank account associated with their account does not have sufficient funds available to pay the amount debited for an invoice.

  • Refused Deposit Fee: The fee assessed when a deposit is refused and must be returned to an account holder. This fee is assessed in addition to the postage/transportation fee associated with returning the refused deposit. Generally, this fee (and return shipment fees, when applicable) is assessed when a Depository Account Holder submits an item for storage that is not listed on the depository’s list of acceptable items.

  • 90% and 40% Silver Coin Bag Counting Fee: The fee charged for counting and verifying the contents of silver coins in bulk bags.

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