Dealer Shipping Instructions

Precious Metals Dealer Shipping Instructions to the Texas Bullion Depository®

Precious metal dealers intending to ship precious metal purchases on behalf of their customer to the Texas Bullion Depository should follow these helpful instructions to ensure their client’s package arrives safely and expeditiously at the Texas Bullion Depository.

The Texas Bullion Depository does not accept any responsibility for your inbound shipment of precious metals until it has been received, verified, and the deposit has been approved by the Depository Account Holder.

(The process is slightly different for IRA account deposits; it is described below.)

The depository will inventory and photograph all items submitted for a deposit on behalf of a Depository Account Holder.

Additionally, we will notify the account holder that their items have been received from the sending precious metals dealer and we will request certification from the account owner that all items received match the items expected to be shipped by the precious metal dealer.

The instructions and process are as follows:

  1. When initiating a shipment to the Texas Bullion Depository, the precious metals dealer should ship the package to the following address:

  2. TxBD
    Receiving Department
    203 Heritage Grove Road
    Leander, Texas 78641

  3. The packaging should be nondescript and should not include any information that would identify the internal contents of the package. (The Texas Bullion Depository recommends that you fully insure the replacement cost of all shipments of precious metals to the depository.)

  4. Please request the Texas Bullion Depository account number from your client, and then write it on the internal packaging slip used by your company! As an example, you may write it as “Deposit for Texas Bullion Depository account #100-001-1234.”

  5. OPTIONAL: If shipping the package via a trackable delivery method, you may choose to provide the tracking number information to your customer. Your customer has the ability to log in to their Texas Bullion Depository account and upload the tracking number into our system, letting us know the package is on the way.

  6. Once received, the Texas Bullion Depository staff will open the package, verify the contents against the deposit record, and then notify the account holder that their items have been received from your precious metals company.

Regarding IRA Deposits:

In this situation, the party we are receiving metals on behalf of is a customer of the IRA Custodian and your precious metal company.

With respect to inbound shipments to the Texas Bullion Depository that are for a customer IRA account, these shipments will be verified and the contents will be confirmed with the IRA Custodian.

We hope this information is helpful to your precious metals business.

The Texas Bullion Depository will work to provide a world-class experience to our mutual client, which we hope reflects positively on your business as well as our agency.

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