Depository Insurance

The Texas Bullion Depository® provides insurance coverage equal to 100% of the replacement value of all precious metals stored at the depository. 

The insurance policy retained to cover the assets of depositors is underwritten on the Lloyd’s of London insurance market and includes provisions for automatic coverage for new deposits received.

Insurance is applicable on assets submitted by Depository Account Holders at the time the authorized deposits have been received, inspected, and accepted at the depository.  Depository Account Holders are responsible for securing transit insurance when sending precious metals to the Texas Bullion Depository.

When putting a deposit into your account, you will be provided the option to declare an insured value.  You do not need to declare a value to have insurance coverage — all items are automatically covered to the value of the metal content of the items.  However, if you are depositing a numismatic coin item that demands a premium value above the base metal content value, you should declare the higher value for that item.  If you have declared a value, the depository will insure your items at either the metal content value, or the declared value — whichever is greater.   

With respect to withdrawals, the Texas Bullion Depository shall insure the return shipment of client assets to the Depository Account owner’s address of record or to the approved shipment location.  If your items are lost or stolen in transit the items will either be replaced, in the sole discretion of the Texas Bullion Depository, with like-kind precious metals or you will be reimbursed in U.S. dollars up to the insured value.

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