How to Deposit Precious Metals

/ Create Your Depository Account

/ Create Your Depository Account

Create Your Deposit Record of the Items You Are Submitting

Create Your Deposit Record of the Items You Are Submitting

Print Your Deposit Slip: This MUST Be Included in Your Shipment

Print Your Deposit Slip: This MUST Be Included in Your Shipment

Pack and Ship Your Items to the Depository

Pack and Ship Your Items to the Depository

After opening an account with Texas Bullion Depository, you can create a Deposit Slip for your precious metals deposit.

Regardless of whether you are depositing precious metals you already own, or have just purchased precious metals from a dealer and have requested delivery to the Texas Bullion Depository, you must follow the steps below so the items can be received when they arrive at the depository.

Follow these steps to create a Deposit Slip and submit precious metals items to the depository (after you have created an account with the Texas Bullion Depository):

  1. Sign in to your Texas Bullion Depository account.

  2. Click on the "Deposit" link in the top navigation bar.

  3. In the Deposit Search Field, begin typing the description of your item.

    For example, if you are submitting 1 ounce Gold American Eagle coins you can type something similar to "1 oz Gold." You will then see options populating on your screen below the search field.

  4. Select the item you wish to deposit into your account, and then adjust the quantity to the exact number of that item you wish to deposit.

    You can select multiple items to be included on the same Deposit Slip.

  5. If you wish to declare a value for your items that is more than the metal value, such as for a numismatic or certified coin, please enter the new value.

    (Note: All items submitted are automatically insured for the metal content replacement value.  You do not need to enter a value unless you believe the value of the item to be more than the metal content value, and you wish to insure it for the higher amount.)

  6. After finalizing your deposit print the Deposit Slip created by the system and add to shipment.  

  7. Ship or deliver your items to the Texas Bullion Depository using the information below as a guide.

    (Note: Your deposit must be received at the Texas Bullion Depository within 10 days of creating the deposit; otherwise, your deposit will be cancelled. If this happens, you must recreate the Deposit Slip before the items can be received at the depository.)

Delivering Your Precious Metals to the Texas Bullion Depository:

You are required to include a Deposit Slip in your shipment, but you may wish to retain a copy for your records. You will always have access to your deposit records by logging into your account.

By Common Carrier – for Deposits less than $250,000:

The most common method for delivering precious metals to the Texas Bullion Depository is through the three most well-known shipping carriers – the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS. Each company offers different levels of service and varying rates for insurance on their packages.

The Texas Bullion Depository does not endorse a specific carrier; however, one of the most cost effective methods for delivering deposits to the depository is by the U.S. Postal Service, Registered Mail. The U.S. Postal Service makes it easy to acquire up to $50,000 of insurance on a Registered Mail package.

It is perfectly acceptable to create multiple deposit records in order to keep each Deposit Slip record below the $50,000 threshold for insurance on a Registered Mail package. For example, if you are depositing approximately $148,000 in precious metals, you should make three deposit records – resulting in three Deposit Slips and three shipments. When creating each deposit, be sure to separate your items on each deposit record to stay at or below the $50,000 insurance threshold for Registered Mail. In this example, you would then need to create three separate Registered Mail shipments to the Texas Bullion Depository.

For shipments via FedEx or UPS, you should inquire to each company, respectively, in respect to their current shipment options and insurance choices. Depending upon your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be covered for the shipment of high value items as part of your policy; however, policy terms vary and not all insurance companies provide this coverage. It is your responsibility to verify the terms of transit and insurance for your shipments to the Texas Bullion Depository.

By Armored Carrier – for Deposits more than $250,000:

Please contact the Texas Bullion Depository so that our Security Team may assist you with arranging delivery of your deposit by armored carrier or other option if you wish to deposit more than $250,000 in a single deposit.  You may reach the Texas Bullion Depository by calling +1 (844) 416-4653. 

In-Person Deposits:

If you prefer, it is possible to deliver your items directly to the Texas Bullion Depository to deposit into your account. You must schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance by calling +1 (844) 416-4653.  Before scheduling an appointment, you will also need to complete the account set-up process and also create the deposit record through the process described above. Any in-person visit that is not previously scheduled will be refused.

How to Package Your Deposit:

Start your packaging process with a very sturdy cardboard box and strong packaging tape. If possible, it is best to package your precious metals in an internal package, such as a securely and tightly taped padded bag, or a slightly smaller internal box. Be sure to put your Deposit Slip inside the internal packaging with your precious metal

Next, place your securely sealed internal package inside your outer box. Use packaging materials to safeguard your precious metals from excessive shifting while in transit. Securely tape your external box – using more packaging tape than you think is necessary.

Finally, if you print a shipping label for your box, be sure it is securely affixed to your exterior packaging.  It is always a good idea to cover your label with clear packaging tape to protect it from water or scraping while in transit.

How to Address Your Deposit Shipment:

You should send your deposits to the Texas Bullion Depository as displayed below (DO NOT write "Texas Bullion Depository" on your package, address the package to "TxBD" as displayed below):

203 Heritage Grove Rd
Leander, Texas 78641
+1 (844) 416-4653

Important Information:

When packaging your precious metals for deposit to your account, it is very important to NOT write anything on the package that would indicate what is inside the box. The exterior package should appear common and ordinary, with no indication of what is contained inside.

Be sure to retain all records of your shipment, including your receipt for the purchase of shipping and insurance with the carrier.  We also advise to take a digital photo of all items you are including in the package and retain the photo until you know all items have been deposited to your account at the Texas Bullion Depository.

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