Depository Account Holders

Becoming a Depository Account Holder can be completed entirely online. The application process is currently available to U.S. Citizens. Any United States individual, business, trust or estate may apply for an account. Joint accounts are available for two individual persons wishing to establish an account with joint ownership. 

Learn more about the different account types available by visiting the Account Types page. 

Depending upon the type of account you wish to establish, you will be required to provide specific information to open the account. The Items Required to Open an Account page provides a list of the types of identification you will need to open an account, respectively. 

In order to make the process easier, the Texas Bullion Depository® recommends collecting the acceptable forms of identification ahead of time and scanning them to the computer you will use to apply for an account; you can then simply upload them when you reach that stage in the application process. 

When scanning or saving items, please utilize the following file types only: PDF, JPEG or PNG. 

After you have entered all required information to apply for an account, you will then be presented with the Account Agreement to sign via DocuSign. Once signed, your application will then be submitted to the depository for review and approval. Most applications will be reviewed within one (1) business day; however, it may take up to three (3) business days to review an account application in certain circumstances. 

Once your account is approved you may initiate deposits or withdrawals and conduct other depository related business from within your online account. The depository will track the live market price of your assets and report it within your account portal. 

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