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the Texas Bullion Depository SM operator,
Lone Star Tangible Assets

Lone Star Tangible Assets and its operating companies have been a driving force for the creation of a better client experience in the precious metals industry. Although the markets for physical precious metals are generally unregulated, Lone Star Tangible Assets has required its operating companies to conduct business as if they were regulated - working to set a higher standard of accountability for all industry participants. Lone Star Tangible Assets and the Comptroller of Public Accounts will work together to ensure transparency and accountability are integrated into the core of operations at the Texas Bullion Depository.

Lone Star Tangible Assets is the parent company of established precious metals companies the United States Gold Bureau and WholesaleCoinsDirect.com.

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The price of gold has risen more than 300% since the beginning of the new century. Throughout recorded history, gold has always functioned as a universal store of value across all cultures and civilizations. In modern times, owning gold has functioned to protect purchasing power and preserve wealth. Learn more about the changes in the prices of gold and other precious metals by viewing our informational price charts. The default weight representation of gold and other precious metals is usually in troy ounces, but may also be quoted grams.

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