When working with the Texas Bullion Depository SM , institutional and state agencies have special concerns, including governance, insurance coverage and access to timely, market-based liquidity.


Historically, clients with large precious metals positions had to establish an account with a COMEX-authorized firm capable of clearing large positions when necessary. COMEX accounts are required to be stored in the New York City area, far from Texas. To meet challenges related to large liquidity, Texas agencies – and other large entities around the world – are required to have their metals positions physically domiciled in and around New York City.

Lone Star Tangible Assets will work to bring the best service available to the Texas Bullion Depository, and that includes developing options for clients with large metal positions who wish to store their holdings in Texas. Through its established relationships with qualified banks and respected metals refining operations, Lone Star Tangible Assets intends develop options for large positions held by institutional and state agency Depository Account Holders. These options could include traditional COMEX accounts in New York City, or The Texas Option for storage at the Texas Bullion Depository with the ability for significant liquidity.

Institutional, state agency or other government accounts wishing to store their holdings with the Texas Bullion Depository should check TexasBullionDepository.gov frequently for more information as it becomes available.