Depository Account Holders will be able to access Texas Bullion Depository SM services through a network of approved Depository Agents. You’ll select an authorized Depository Agent to create an account where you may buy and sell precious metals. Then you can deposit those precious metals to the Texas Bullion Depository for safe, segregated and fully insured storage. You can view your precious metals holdings by logging into your Texas Bullion Depository account.

Separate, Safe and Secure

Your precious metals positions will be fully segregated and not commingled with other account holders’ positions. Precious metals submitted on your behalf by the Depository Agent remain your property at all times. Depository Account Holder positions are fully allocated to the account holders and are held off balance sheet.

The depository will accept many types of government-manufactured precious metals and other privately produced precious metals from authorized refineries. For your safety and security, the Texas Bullion Depository will inspect and test all precious metals it receives. Depository Agents have to be licensed by the Texas Department of Banking, and must secure their commitment to deliver the Depository Account Holder's precious metals to the Texas Bullion Depository.

Once you submit precious metals to the depository, staff will confirm they have received your metal position and deposited metals to your private, segregated storage location within a UL-rated Class III vault.

In addition to standard accounts, the Texas Bullion Depository plans to offer services for consumers storing precious metals as part of an authorized Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Check frequently for updates on our services.